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नामाखिलस्य व्यवहारहेतु: शुभावहं कर्मसु भाग्यहेतु: |
नाम्नैव कीर्ति लभते मनुष्यस्तत: प्रशस्तं खलु नामकर्म ||

Modern Indian kids

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Blend of traditional, religious names suitable for Modern Indian culture. These cool names are every one favourite.

Unique Hindu baby

Unique Names

Having a very different feels good that she/he has a unique name. Browse to choose your very own unique name.

Sanskrit names for babies

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Get inspiration from these new creative naming ideas to pick the best name for your baby girl or boy. ...


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We do thorough study of Indian literature to find new names and have a lot to share. From traditional sanskrit names to modern Indian names we add daily carefuly reviewed unique names to our collection.

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