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Sanskrit names for babies

Sanskrit Names

नामाखिलस्य व्यवहारहेतु: शुभावहं कर्मसु भाग्यहेतु: |
नाम्नैव कीर्ति लभते मनुष्यस्तत: प्रशस्तं खलु नामकर्म ||

Modern Indian kids

Modern Names

Blend of traditional, religious names suitable for Modern Indian culture. These cool Indian boy & girl names are every one favourite.

Unique Hindu baby

Unique Names

Having a very different feels good that she/he has a unique name. Browse these baby boy & girl names to choose your very own unique name.

Sanskrit names for babies

Naming Ideas

Get inspiration from these new creative naming ideas to pick the best name for your baby girl or boy. ...


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  • Hindu Baby Names Inspired by Colours

    Colourful Hindu babies

    Holi 2017 Special - Holi is just around the corner. On this Holi lets checkout baby names inspired by colours. Holi is the festival of colours and there's no fun in abstaining from colours on this occasion. This Festival brings a lot of fun and enjoyment for people in India and abroad. What better place to draw inspiration for baby names than from this unique and joyous Holi spirit. Keeping Holi in mind, today we're presenting you list of colourful Hindu baby names.

    Holi 2017 will begin in the evening of Sunday, March 12 and ends in the evening of Monday, March 13. Holi is a Hindu spring festival in India. Holi announces the arrival of spring and the passing of winter. Also known as the "festival of colours" or the ...

  • Names Inspired By Classical Indian Love Stories

    Indian popular romances are extremely mesmeric & enchanting. The heroes and heroines of these stories have alluring and captivating names that are sure to catch your imagination. Browse these fascinating names inspired by Classical Indian Love stories.

    Indian mythology is a treasure trove of myriad soulful and timeless love stories unfolding amidst the beauty of nature. These classical Indian love stories are extremely mesmeric and enchanting revolving around bewitching heroines and irresistible ...

  • 100+ Indian Baby Names that mean 'Love'

    Love is the most beautiful of all emotions. So what better place to draw inspiration for baby names than from love? Presenting you list of 100 plus gorgeous Indian baby names inspired by love.

    Indian mythology is replete with interesting stories and heart touching episodes of love. Love with its various hues is exquisitely portrayed in all stages of Indian history as heady, passionate, sweet, cute, amorous, tender, gentle, exciting, divine and ...

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We do thorough study of Indian literature to find new names and have a lot to share. From traditional sanskrit names to modern Indian names we add daily carefuly reviewed unique names to our collection.

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Choose name based on Nakshatra at baby's birth. There are total 27 Nakshatra.


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