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The Vedas are the oldest religious scriptures of Hinduism. The four Vedas include Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Atharva Veda and Sama Veda. These texts contain numerous names of a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses revered then and even now with deep faith by the Hindus. These deities are Indra, Agni, Varun, Surya, Prithvi, Ushas etc.

Countless hymns carrying various names of these deities are the most beautiful sources of magnificent names that can truly adorn your child's very being. Even the Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Upanishads and Shrautsutras belong to Vedic times and are a source of more such fabulous baby names.

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Latest Vedic names naming ideas

  • Baby Names from Hindu Mythology

    Hindu mythology is a good source of Hindu baby names. Here is list of Hindu mythological names drawn directly from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas (stories older than epics) and Vedas (hymns of RigVeda).

    • Aadya
    • Aditya
    • Anagh
    • Anika
    • Anisha
    • Arya
    • Atharva
    • Avani
    • Ayan
    • Ayush
  • 25 Unique Names from the Vedas

    The Vedas are the oldest Sanskrit literature and the oldest scriptures of Hinduism. There are four Vedas which are the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda and the Atharvaveda. Theses Vedas are good resources of spiritual names. Baby names originated from the Vedas are the most comprehensive and...

    • Okithak
    • Jinacandra
    • Visoka
    • Karun
    • Dhrupad
    • Preyas
    • Sada
    • Pari
    • Aninda
    • Layak

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