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The first Hindu epic Ramayana contains more than 24,000 shlokas praising Lord Rama, incarnation of Lord Vishnu, his wife Sita, brothers Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughan and many others like Hanuman, Angad etc. Ramayana is the most important religious text of the Hindus. Lord Rama's name is believed to dissolve all sins.

Choosing one of the many names of Rama or Sita for your child from this great epic will be truly auspicious. Several other names too have deep religious significance. Blessings of Lord Rama will be associated with any name you pick from Ramayana as a lovely lifelong present for your little darling.

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Latest Names from Ramayana naming ideas

  • 30 Unique names from Ramayana

    You are looking for Names which are traditional yet different Or something unique altogether. The first Hindu epic Ramayana is the most important religious text of the Hindus. It is contains more...

    • Sthira
    • Parasme
    • Yukt
    • Ekanta
    • Atmaj
    • Sunda
    • Pushkal
    • Madhyam
    • Akopa
    • Aksa
  • 20 Most popular names from Ramayana on

    The Ramayana is one of the largest ancient epics in world literature, which is written by Valmiki. It has the richest elements of culture. Characters from the Ramayana are equally fascinating and...

    • Gajendra
    • Vasu
    • Lakshman
    • Shrish
    • Indrajit
    • Angad
    • Shravan
    • Ravana
    • Vibhushan
    • Parijat
  • Baby Names from Hindu Mythology

    Hindu mythological names are drawn directly from ancient or historical sources. Hindu mythology, a subset of Indian Mythology is a good source of Hindu baby names. Indian mythological material is...

    • Meenakshi
    • Kalyani
    • Amba
    • Ambika
    • Bhargavi
    • Maheshwari
    • Shivani
    • Dakshayani
    • Vaishnavi
    • Gauri
  • 25 Unique Names from the Vedas

    The Vedas are the oldest Sanskrit literature and the oldest scriptures of Hinduism. There are four Vedas which are the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda and the Atharvaveda. Theses Vedas are good...

    • Praju
    • Yasu
    • Samana
    • Saptarishi
    • Artham
    • Apar
    • Devya
    • Maayu
    • Vashisht
    • Dhrupad

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