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Modern Indian Names

The blend of traditional, religious and modern names is becoming a favorite choice of Indian parents. However the religious connections and connotations remain as strong as ever. So we have done a collection of such modern Indian boy and girl names which are suitable for Indian culture.

Birth Star or Nakshatra

In India, babies are generally named on Nakshatra and Charan. There are total 27 Nakshatra (constellations) and each Nakshatra contains 4 padas or charanas. You can find starting alphabet for name based on nakshatra and charans.

Baby Names By Rashi

In certain section of India, especially north India, the name is selected based on the Rashi (Moon Sign). There are 12 Rashis.

Unique Baby Names

Most Indian parents today wish to give their child a unique name, a name which is very different. A child with an uncommon name feels good that he/she has a unique name. Browse our unique and unusual Hindu name collection.


Short & Sweet Names

Short & sweet names like Om, Abhi, Neha, Manu are becoming popular choice. These cute Indian baby names are simple and easy to remember. Avoid complicated or longer names.

Easy to Pronounce Names

Name should be easy to pronounce and sound pleasant. Pronunciation for some Indian name can be extremely difficult. Consider people who will most likely have to pronounce. Making it easy to pronounce will reduce apprehension of not saying right way.

Colorful Indian Names

Add colour to your child's world with these colorful Indian names.

Colourful Hindu Names. Holi, The Hindu Festival of Colors presents a wonderful opportunity for us to look at some of the colourful names you can choose for your baby boy or girl. Holi is a very colourful festival, celebrated practically all over India in the month of Phalgun. Holi is undoubtedly the most fun-filled and energetic festival. It's an occasion that brings in joy, fun, play, music and dance, and, of course, lots of bright colors!

  • Dakshesh दक्षेश dak-shesh
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means "One who is prompt and balanced" in Sanskrit(Lord Shiva).It is derived from two Sanskrit words - Daksh(meaning prompt) and shesh (meaning balanced). ..
  • Dheeraj धीरज dhee/raj
    Origin: Sanskrit
    means"patience, bravery"..
  • Anahita अनाहिता a/na/hi/ta
    Origin: Sanskrit
    From Vedic sanskrit Anahita means who nurture crops and herds. Anahita also means immaculate that is pure.She is the Ancient Persian Goddess of water,fertility, war,and patroness of women. ..
  • Manoj मनोज ma/noj
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means "imagination, born of mind, cupid" in sanskrit..
  • Akshay अक्षय ak-sha_y
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Word Akshay(अक्षय) means eternal, imperishable in Sanskrit...
  • Anurakti अनुरक्ति 
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Anurakti derived from Sanskrit word अनुरक्ति (anurakti), which means 'devotion, affection, love'...
  • Nidhi निधि nid-hi
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means "fund, treasure" in Sanskrit.It also means a person bestowed with good qualities...
  • Abhita अभित ab-hi/ta
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Abhita (lit. a means 'not' + bhita means 'afraid') means not afraid or fearless...
  • Soumya सौम्य sou/my_a
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Soumya in Sanskrit mild,lovely ,gentle ,agreeable. Soumya means also of good nature,handsome, auspicious. ..
  • Asim असीम a/sim
    Origin: Hindi
    Means "boundless, limitless" in Sanskrit...
  • Ajanabh अजनभ a/ja/nabh
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means mountain or hill. Ajanabh is a name of Vishnu..
  • Anila अनिला a/ni/la
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Feminine form of Anil. Derived from Sanskrit अनिल means "air, wind". In Hinduism, Anila (Wind in Sanskrit) is one of the eight Vasus, gods of the elements of the cosmos. He is equated with the wind god Vāyu, Anila being understood as the name normally used for Vāyu when numbered among the Vasus. Vayu is associated with Indra and rides the chariot with him, Indra being the charioteer...
  • Akhila अखिला ak-hi/la
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Akhila is equivalent female name of Akhil. Akhil is a Hindi and Sanskrit word that means "entire", "complete" or "universal". Sanskrit fragmentation of the word yields: A (without) + Kh (sky or boundary) + L (agreed or liked)...
  • Analajit अनलजित a/na/la/jit
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Literal meaning of Analajit is conqueror of fire. Motivated meaning of Analajit, pure, blameless and invincible...
  • Jaywant जयवंत ja_y/want
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Derived from Sanskrit jayavanta meaning "possessing victory"...

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