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Modern Indian Names

The blend of traditional, religious and modern names is becoming a favorite choice of Indian parents. However the religious connections and connotations remain as strong as ever. So we have done a collection of such modern Indian boy and girl names which are suitable for Indian culture.

Birth Star or Nakshatra

In India, babies are generally named on Nakshatra and Charan. There are total 27 Nakshatra (constellations) and each Nakshatra contains 4 padas or charanas. You can find starting alphabet for name based on nakshatra and charans.

Baby Names By Rashi

In certain section of India, especially north India, the name is selected based on the Rashi (Moon Sign). There are 12 Rashis.

Unique Baby Names

Most Indian parents today wish to give their child a unique name, a name which is very different. A child with an uncommon name feels good that he/she has a unique name. Browse our unique and unusual Hindu name collection.


Short & Sweet Names

Short & sweet names like Om, Abhi, Neha, Manu are becoming popular choice. These cute Indian baby names are simple and easy to remember. Avoid complicated or longer names.

Easy to Pronounce Names

Name should be easy to pronounce and sound pleasant. Pronunciation for some Indian name can be extremely difficult. Consider people who will most likely have to pronounce. Making it easy to pronounce will reduce apprehension of not saying right way.

Colorful Indian Names

Add colour to your child's world with these colorful Indian names.

Colourful Hindu Names. Holi, The Hindu Festival of Colors presents a wonderful opportunity for us to look at some of the colourful names you can choose for your baby boy or girl. Holi is a very colourful festival, celebrated practically all over India in the month of Phalgun. Holi is undoubtedly the most fun-filled and energetic festival. It's an occasion that brings in joy, fun, play, music and dance, and, of course, lots of bright colors!

  • Atharva अथर्व a/thar-va
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means a type of priest. Atharvaveda is a one of the four Vedas, often called the "fourth Veda". Another name of God Ganesh...
  • Sanjyot संज्योत san-jy_ot
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means "Light of happiness". It is joining of two Sanskrit words - Sam (meaning happiness) and Jyoti (meaning light). ..
  • Sandeep संदीप san-deep
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Sandeep means something that shines or glows. It is derived from a verb in Sanskrit meaning sam + deep which means 'to shine'. sandeep " means light or flame...
  • Misha मिशा mi/sha
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Misha means 'Smile'. Misha is also Russian name means 'who is like God?'..
  • Snigdha स्निग्धा / स्निग्ध 
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Snigdha derived from Sanskrit word स्निग्ध (snigdha), which means glossy, charming, lovely. Masculine Snigdha means friend...
  • Anuradha अनुराधा a/nu/rad-ha
    Origin: Sanskrit
    In Hinduism, Anuradha (Sanskrit: अनुराधा, Anurādhā) is a goddess of good luck. Anuradha is the 17th nakshatra.Adrusta Devatha ..
  • Devika देविका de/vi/ka
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means "little goddess" from Sanskrit...
  • Anika अनिका a/ni/ka
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Anika (अनिका) in Sanskrit means graceful, brilliance or sweet faced. Anika is name of Goddess Durga. The name is derived from Sanskrit word Anika (अनीक) which literary means 'collection, group, mass, face, appearance'. Other meanings of Anika: Hebrew Meaning: Grace; favour Latin Meaning: Grace; favour Japanese Meaning: Apricot from Nara..
  • Abhiram अभिराम ab-hi/ram
    Origin: Sanskrit
    The Sanskrit word Abhiram(अभिराम) means delightful, beautiful, pleasant...
  • Samita समिता sa/mi/ta
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means"assembled or collected" in Sanskrit...
  • Monish मोनिश mo/nish
    Origin: Sanskrit
    In Sanskrit Monish means attractive. Monish was another name for Lord Krishna...
  • Sumeet सुमीत su/meet
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means"good friend". In that Su means good and Meet means friend. ..
  • Devayani देवयानी de/va_y_a/ni
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means "main goddess" or "mastermind" in Sanskrit. Devayani is also like beautiful, faithful, trustworthy, kind, and many other wonderful things...
  • Puja पूजा pu/ja
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Pūjā in the ( Sanskrit: reverence, honour, adoration, or worship) is a religious ritual that Hindus perform on a variety of occasions to pray or show respect to God and guru. The purpose of puja is to communicate with God and satguru. Acts of puja include bowing, making offerings and chanting...
  • Jayanti जयंती ja_y_a/nti
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Feminine form of jayanta (victorious). It means "victorious, Winner, Anniversary" JAYANT. This is another name of the Hindu goddess Durga...

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