Modern Indian Baby Names

Moving with the times is absolutely imperative. Today the world is becoming modernized at supersonic speed. Anything old is passé. Nobody has taste for things that belong to a bygone era and find little relevance in the modern times we are living in. Same is true for names too.Modern Indian Baby Namesare the choice of the day.

When your family grows and you become parents to a precious new life, you want your little one to fly high in the sky with all the in things you can provide him/her with. So the name you give the angel must also be a happening one. A trendy name, easily rolled out from the tongue, in keeping with the choice of the internet generation is the ideal choice for you.

Modern Baby Names for Boys & Girls

Ideas for modern names

  • 100 Modern Indian Baby Names

    Are you looking for Modern baby names? 

    Naming baby had been always fun and excited thing.  Modern literally means fashionable or up to date.

    Today’s young generation is passionate and they want tochange the world. Next generation is going to be one step ahead of current young generation. So as a parent of next generation kid, challenge is to select a perfect name that will go well in future.

    You may be better off going with modern names that are not that easy to find. Just modern name is not enough, it should be a unique name with good meaning attached to it.

    Here we've listed best 100 modern Indian baby names with good meaning.

    • Bharavi
    • Savana
    • Ashani
    • Sharvari
    • Anula
    • Samiksha
    • Ivana
    • Pragalbha
    • Tuhina
    • Saloni
  • Modern & Easy to Pronounce Indian Names

    Staying out of india? You probably are looking for baby names which are modern, stylish and at the same time easy to pronounce.

    We've hand picked few modern and easy to pronounce Indian baby names to help you make the decision.

    • Tavisi
    • Ojal
    • Sujala
    • Malavi
    • Ramila
    • Tapati
    • Aniti
    • Gunita
    • Suditi
    • Vinata

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