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  • Mukul मुकुल mu/kul
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means "bud of flower, blossoming" in Sanskrit...
  • Swara स्वरा swa/ra
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means" musical note or tones" in Sanskrit...
  • Kaushalya कौशल्या kau/sha/ly_a
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means "skill, wellness" in Sanskrit. Kaushalya, in the Hindu epic Ramayana, was the eldest of King Dasaratha's three wives and a queen of Ayodhya. She was the mother of Rāma...
  • Akul अकुल a/kul
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Akul is a name of Lord Shiva. In Sanskrit, this means having no family...
  • Varun वरुण va/run
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Varun is derived from Varuna (वरुण) is a god of the sky, of water and of the celestial ocean, as well as a god of law and of the underworld. He is the most prominent Asura in the Rigveda, and lord of the heavens and the earth...
  • Sachin सचिन sa/chin
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means "pure, strength" in Sanskrit. This is another name of the Hindu god Shiva...
  • Prathamesh प्रथमेश pra/tha/mesh
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Compounding of the Sanskrit Pratham(Means the first, number one, best) and esh(Means master, lord): hence, "Lord of the best." Lord Ganesha is Lord of First and Best...
  • Vara वरा va/ra
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Sanskrit name Vara means one who is the best, excellent or The Ultimate. Name Vara appears in the Shiva Sahasranama. Vara also referred to bridegroom (a man who is about to be married)...
  • Mahendra महेंद्र ma/hen-dra
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means "great Indra" from Sanskrit maha means "great" combined with the name of the Hindu god Indra(the King of God ).It is a name of Lord Vishnu...
  • Sushmita सुष्मिता sus-hmi/ta
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means "woman having lovely smile"...
  • Kamya काम्य/काम्या ka/my_a
    Origin: Sanskrit
    In Sanskrit kamya means wish, desire, intention, longing for or striving after. Suitable for masculine as well as feminine. For masculine Kamya/Kamy(काम्य) and feminine Kamya(काम्या)...
  • Archis अर्चिस ar-chis
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Archis name is derived from Sanskrit word अर्चिस् which means ray of light or lustre. Feminine form: Archisa (अर्चिसा) or Archisha (अर्चिशा)..
  • Shambhu शम्भू sham-bhu
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means "helpful, kind, benevolent" in Sanskrit. Shambhu is a name of Lord Shiva...
  • Shambhu शम्भू sham-bhu
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Means "helpful, kind, benevolent" in Sanskrit. Shambhu is a name of Lord Shiva...
  • Archisa अर्चिसा ar-chi/sa
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Archisa name is derived from Sanskrit word Archis अर्चिस् which means ray of light or lustre. Muscular form: Archis (अर्चिस) Other Form: Archisha (अर्चिशा)..

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नामाखिलस्य व्यवहारहेतु: शुभावहं कर्मसु भाग्यहेतु: |
नाम्नैव कीर्ति लभते मनुष्यस्तत: प्रशस्तं खलु नामकर्म ||
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