Names of Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga represents strength, power and fearlessness. This female deity is prayed to as the Mother Goddess, the Shakti in Hinduism. She is regarded as invincible and unconquerable.

The many names of Goddess Durga are like feminity and power personified. Durga combines in her divine self the energy to create, sustain and annihilate. She is a symbol of victory over evil.

Durga Sahasranama has more than thousand names of the Goddess, each depicting her various attributes. If you want your daughter's name to reflect the strong personality of Goddess Durga then go on to choose one of these names with deep significant meanings.

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    Hindu mythology is a good source of Hindu baby names. Here is list of Hindu mythological names drawn directly from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas (stories older than epics) and Vedas (hymns of RigVeda).

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