Venkat वेंकट

  • Suitable for Boy
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 3 syllables and 6 letters
  • pronounced as veGkaTa
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) वेंकट

Venkat meaning: Self-Born

Venkat name meaning

Literal meaning of Venkat:

Venkat (Sanskrit: वेंकट) is an ancient name of Sanskrit origin, which means self-born.

Intended meaning of Venkat:

Venkat is the name of a hill in south India near Chennai. On the top of this hill is a very famous temple of Lord Vishnu/Krishna in his character of " Lord of वेंकट ", also called श्री-पति or Tirupati as per mentioned in the Epic Bahgvat-Puran.
Venkat is described in RTL (Religious Thought and Life in India, by Sir M. Monier-Williams) where Venkat is a sacred hill in Dravida country. This hill is about 80 miles from the city and it reaches an elevation of about 2500 feet above sea level.
Venkat is also a name of a king of Vijay-Nagar, an ancient city in Bharata.

Popularity of Venkat

US Popularity Trend for Venkat

Venkat is a name in trend in the USA. As given in the chart Venkat is used by people as the name of their children from the year 1988. Venkat was most famous between the years 1997 to 2009 where it was used by 9 - 11 people per year as the name of their children. Venkat is a very popular name in India also where it is used by more than 8400 people as per social media.

In our opinion Venkat is a classic, stylish and sweet name. Venkat has a great sort of mythological significance.

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More about Venkat

  • Venkat Sundar is an Indian film actor who has appeared in supporting roles in Tamil films.
  • K. Venkat Reddy is an Indian politician. He belongs to Indian National Congress. He is an M.L.A from Nalgonda assembly constituency.
  • G. Venkat Swamy was an Indian politician who was a member of the 14th Lok Sabha.
  • R. R. Venkat is an Indian film producer known for his works in Telugu cinema, Bollywood.
  • Fish Venkat is a film Actor who works in Tollywood Film Industry.
  • Kona Venkat is an Indian film screenwriter, producer, director, dialogue writer, lyricist and actor known for his works in Telugu cinema, and Bollywood.
  • Venkat Prabhu, is an Indian filmmaker, who has worked as an actor, director and playback singer in the Tamil film industry.
  • Kaali Venkat is a Tamil actor who mainly plays supporting roles in films.
  • Bose Venkat is an Indian film actor who appears in Tamil films and television serials.

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