Tushti तुष्टि

  • Suitable for Girl
  • Unique name
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 2 syllables and 6 letters
  • pronounced as tuSTi
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) तुष्टि

Tushti meaning: Satisfaction

Tushti name meaning

Literal meaning of Tushti:

Tushti (Sanskrit तुष्टि) is an ancient Sanskrit name which means satisfaction or contentment.

Intended meaning of Tushti:

Reference of ancient Sanskrit word Tushti is found in numerous Epics of Hindu mythology. Tushti is the 71st of Goddess Lakshmi.
Tushti founds reference in Manu-Smiriti (मनु-स्मृति), Mahabharata and Sankhyakarika (सांख्यकारिका) with meanings like contentment, satisfaction or personified. This name also founds to be referred in Harivansh (हरिवंश) as daughter of Daksha (दक्ष) and mother of Santosh (संतोष).
Mention of Tushti is also found in Vishnu Puran, Bhagvat-Puran (भागवत-पुराण) and Markendey-Puran (मार्कण्डेय-पुराण) where Tushti is name of Paurnmaas (पौर्णमास). Tushti also founds reference in Linga-Puran (लिङ्ग-पुराण), Bhavadev and Hemadri-Chaturvarga-Chintamani (हेमाद्रि-चतुर्वर्ग-चिन्तामणि) as a deity sprung from the kalas (कलाs) of Prakruti (प्रकृति).
Also Tushti is the name of a kala of the moon as mentioned in Brahma Purana.

Popularity of Tushti

As we can clearly see, Tushti is not a popular name in either of the countries. Tushti is not used by any people in the USA as the name of their children, while it is used by few people in India as the name of their babies.

Tushti is a rare beautiful girl child name. Tushti has a spiritual meaning attached to it. It is a short, sweet and stylish name.

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More about Tushti

  • According to Vishnu Purana and Padma Purana, Daksha and his wife Prasuti had 24 daughters, and Tushti is one of their daughter.

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