Tapaswini तपस्विनि

  • Suitable for Girl
  • Unique name
  • 4 syllables and 9 letters
  • pronounced as tapasvinI
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) तपस्विनि

Tapaswini meaning: Ascetic

Tapaswini name meaning

Literal meaning of Tapaswini:

Tapaswini (तपस्विनी) is ancient name of Sanskrit origin which literally signifies a female devotee or an ascetic woman.

Intended meaning of Tapaswini:

Tapaswini is the ancient name of Sanskrit origin, which is made up of two words Tapas (heat, asceticism) and vinA (having), so Tapaswini means an ascetic, one who has heat or Tapas, which refers to Knowledge or Omniscience as the creative power of God in a divine context and to an effort to purify the mind in a human context.
Mention of Tapaswini is the ancient name of Sanskrit origin, which founds to be referred in Bhaavprakash (भावप्रकाश) as Mahashraavnika (महाश्रावणिका).
Tapaswini also founds reference in Shakuntala (शकुन्तला), Ramayana and Nalopakhyan (नलोपाख्यान) where this word refers to a female devotee or a poor wretched woman.
Tapaswini also refers to an ascetic one who has heat in the form of knowledge or effort to purify the mind in human context.

Popularity of Tapaswini

Tapaswini is not a popular name in the USA, as it is slightly difficult to pronounce. Tapaswini is a somewhat popular name in India. Here it is used by some people as the name of their children.

Tapaswini is a religious name, rare and slightly difficult to pronounce.

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More about Tapaswini

  • Thapaswini is a 1971 Indian Malayalam film.

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Nick names

Tapa तप

Compatible Rashi

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