Sneh स्नेह

  • Suitable for Boy / Girl
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 2 syllables and 4 letters
  • pronounced as sneha
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) स्नेह

Sneh meaning: Love

Sneh name meaning

Literal meaning of Sneh:

Sneh (in Devanagari: स्नेह) is a Hindu unisex given name of Sanskrit origin, which literally means "love, affection and charm." It also means loving kindness or attachment to.

Intended meaning of Sneh:

Mention of the Sanskrit name Sneh is found in Sushruta (सुश्रुत), Yajjavalkya and Tarkasangraha in which this word refers to oiliness, unctuousness, fattiness, greasiness, lubricity, viscidity also as one of the 24 gunas (गुणs) of the Vaishesika (वैशेषिक). Sneh (स्नेह) finds to be mentioned in Shagkhayana Brahmana (शाङ्खायन ब्राह्मण) where Sneh is used for oil, grease, fat, any oleaginous substance, an unguent. Varaha Brhat Sanhita (बृहत् संहिता) have used Sneh (स्नेह) in their works to refer smoothness, glossiness. Mention of Sneh is found in Maitri Upanisad (मैत्री उपनिषद्), Mahabharata and Kavya Literature where Sneh refers to blandness, tenderness, love, attachment to, fondness or affection for or friendship with.

Popularity of Sneh

US Popularity Trend for Sneh

According to graph you can see Sneh name is famous in USA since 1995. Sneh is not used by many people in India. Also, this name is used by almost 0 people as the name of their children, as per social media records.

Name Sneh is short, sweet and rare. Sneh also has a great meaning attached to it. Name Sneh have mythological significance.

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More about Sneh

  • Sneh Rana is a Nepalese sports shooter who competed for her country in the 2012 Summer Olympics.
  • Sneh is a surname in Israeli.
  • Dr. Sneh Desai is the founder & director of Sneh World.

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