Smruti स्मृति

  • Suitable for Boy / Girl
  • Unique name
  • 2 syllables and 6 letters
  • pronounced as smRti
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) स्मृति

Smruti meaning: Memory

Smruti name meaning

Literal meaning of Smruti:

Sanskrit Name Smruti (स्मृति) literally means memory.

Intended meaning of Smruti:

References of Smruti (स्मृति) are found in Chandogya Upanishad (छान्दोग्य-उपनिषद्) and Mahabharta (महाभारत) with the meaning as remembrance or thinking upon. In Puranas (पुराण) Snruti is personified as the daughter of Dharma or the daughter of Yaksha. References of Smruti in Manu-Smriti (मनु-स्मृति) is symbolical as the body of codes of laws handed down by tradition.
Smruti is referred to as Ganesha who grants success and prosperity to His devotees.

Popularity of Smruti

As indicated by the US popularity charts, the name Smruti has gained popularity since 1996, except in 2008 where it shows a low. The reason for Smruti being popular is that it is not only short and sweet but also has a in-depth meaning. On the social network, Smruti is a popular name and so is Smriti.

In our opinion, Smruti is a short, sweet name that has a style, good meaning and a great significance in mythology as well.

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More about Smruti

  • Sadachara Smruti, the founder of the Dvaita school of philosophy.
  • Smriti Zubin Irani is an Indian politician and former model, television actress and producer.
  • smriti mohan is an actress.
  • Smriti Khanna is an Indian television actress and a former model.
  • Smriti Kalra is an Indian television actress.

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