Shridhar श्रीधर

  • Suitable for Boy
  • 3 syllables and 8 letters
  • pronounced as shrid-har
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) श्रीधर

Shridhar name meaning

Literal meaning of Shridhar:

Hindu name from Sanskrit sridhara ‘possessor of Lakshmi’ or ‘possessor of good fortune’, from sri, a by name of Lakshmi, wife of Vishnu, also meaning ‘good fortune’ + dhara ‘holding’, ‘possessing’. It is an epithet of Vishnu. In South India it is used only as a male given name, but it has come to be used as a family name in the U.S. among people from South India.

More about Shridhar

  • Pradnya Bharati Dr. Shridhar Bhaskar Warnekar was Sanskrit scholar born in Nagpur, India, on 31st July 1918. He wrote many Sanskrit poems and verses.
  • Shridhar Chillal holds the world record for the longest fingernails on a single hand, measuring 6.15 meters (20 feet 2.25 inches).
  • Shridhar Tilve is one of the most important poets and critics of the post-cold war era of contemporary Marathi literature.
  • Sridhara was an Indian mathematician. He wrote on practical applications of algebra and was one of the first to give a formula for solving quadratic equations.

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