Sammati सम्मति

  • Suitable for Girl
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 3 syllables and 7 letters
  • pronounced as sammati
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) सम्मति

Sammati meaning: Consent

Sammati name meaning

Literal meaning of Sammati:

Sammati (सम्मति) is a Sanskrit originated girl name. Sammati literally means consent. Girl name Sammati also means harmony, agreement, respect, homage, wish, desire, self knowledge, love or order.

Intended meaning of Sammati:

Mention of the Sanskrit name Sammati is found in Ashvalayana Shrauta Sutra, Prabodha Candrodaya and Hitopadesha in which this word refers to sameness of opinion, harmony, agreement, approval, approbation. Mention of Sammati (सम्मति) is found in Siddhanta Kaumudi where this word refers to opinion, view.
Sammati (सम्मति) finds to be mentioned in Ramayana where Sammati is used for respect, homage. Lexicographers, esp. such as Amarasimha, Halayudha, Hemacandra have used Sammati (सम्मति) in their works to refer wish, desire, self-knowledge, regard, affection, love, order or command. Sammati finds reference in Vishnu Purana in which Sammati is the name of a river.

Popularity of Sammati

As per USA popularity chart is not shown, name Sammati is not popular in the USA. According to the data gathered from social networking sites, this name is not popular.

In our opinion, Sammati is sweet and rare name.

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