Nimi निमि

  • Suitable for Girl
  • Unique name
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 2 syllables and 4 letters
  • pronounced as nimi
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) निमि

Nimi meaning: Blinking

Nimi name meaning

Literal meaning of Nimi:

Nimi (Sanskrit: निमि) is a Sanskrit word which literally means twinkling. Nimi also refers to closing or blinking of an eye.

Intended meaning of Nimi:

Girl name Nimi is derived from an ancient Sanskrit word Nimi which refers to twinkling. Nimi also refers to closing of the eyes or blinking of an eye. In refernces Nimi is a boy name. But as per social media mostly it is used as girl name.
Reference of Nimi is found in Manu Smiriti, Mahabharata and Purans. In Mahabharata Nimi was a king of a nation called Videh (विदेह). And also the name of a son of Dattareya (दत्तत्रेय). According to Puranas, Nimi is known as a son of Ischwaaku (इक्ष्वाकु) who has lost his body due to a curse. Also son of Bhajamana (भजमान) and son of Danda-Pani (दण्ड-पाणि) too.
In Vedas Nimi is defined as a erect object, to raise someone or to fix something or dig in it.

Popularity of Nimi

Nimi is not a very popular name. Nimi is not used by any person as the name of their baby child in the USA, as given in the graph. Nimi is used by nearly 200 people in India too.

In our opinion Nimi is a sweet, short and a unique name with a unique meaning. Nimi also has some mythological significance as a boy name.

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More about Nimi

  • Nimi is considered to be the first king of Mithila in the lineage of Janaks born in Janakpur, Nepal.
  • Nimi is a language spoken in Papua New Guinea. There were about 1400 native speakers as of 1980.

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