Kaushalya कौशल्या

  • Suitable for Girl
  • 3 syllables and 9 letters
  • pronounced as kau/sha/ly_a
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) कौशल्या

Kaushalya name meaning

Literal meaning of Kaushalya:

Means "skill, wellness" in Sanskrit.

Kaushalya, in the Hindu epic Ramayana, was the eldest of King Dasaratha's three wives and a queen of Ayodhya. She was the mother of Rāma.

More about Kaushalya

  • Kausalya is a Malayalam and Tamil language actress who has appeared in various Indian regional films.
  • Kausalya Hart is a scholar of Tamil language at UC Berkeley. She is famous for translating Sangam literature from Tamil to English and for writing many Tamil textbooks.
  • Kaushalya Bannerji (born Calcutta) is a Canadian poet.
  • Kausalya Supraja Rama is a Telugu Film, starring Srikanth, Charmi and others, directed by Surya Prasad.

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