Dwimukha द्विमुख

  • Suitable for Boy
  • 3 syllables and 8 letters
  • pronounced as dvimukha
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) द्विमुख

Dwimukha meaning: Two Faced

Dwimukha name meaning

Literal meaning of Dwimukha:

Sanskrit boy name Dwimukha (द्विमुख) literally means 2-mouthed, 2-faced, leech and of snake. Another meaning is kind of worm.

Intended meaning of Dwimukha:

The baby name Dwimukha is a Sanskrit compound, joining the words Dwi, meaning two and Mukha, meaning face. Thereby, Dwimukha can be loosely translated as "two faced".
Dwimukha finds reference in Caturvarga Cintamani (चतुर्वर्ग चिन्तामणि) where this word refers to 2-mouthed, 2-faced. Mention of the Sanskrit name Dwimukha is found in Sushruta (सुश्रुत) in which this word refers to a kind of worm. Dwimukha (द्विमुख) finds to be mentioned in Lexicographers, esp. such as Amarasimha, Halayudha, Hemacandra where Dwimukha is used for of snake.
Dwimukha is another name of Lord Ganesha as he is Lord with two Heads.

Popularity of Dwimukha

The name Dwimukha is not adopted by any person in the USA as the name of their kids. Also, Dwimukha is little difficult to pronounce for non Indians. In the social media network, the name Dwimukha is rarely used.

Name Dwimukha is sweet and rare. Dwimukha is a Sanskrit name with good meaning. Dwimukha has an association with Hindu mythology. Name Dwimukha with 3 syllables is very difficult to pronunciation. So, it is not popular in USA.

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More about Dwimukha

  • Dwimuka Ganapati 32 Forms of lord Ganesha.
  • Dwimukha rudraksha is the symbol of Ardhanareeshwara, the united form of Shiv and Shakti.

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Nick names

Mukha मुखा

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