Dasha दशा

  • Suitable for Girl
  • Unique name
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 2 syllables and 5 letters
  • pronounced as dazA
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) दशा

Dasha meaning: Circumstance

Dasha name meaning

Literal meaning of Dasha:

According to mythology, the girl Dasha (originally Sanskrit) means state, case, condition and mode. The name originates from the Sanskrit language but is more often used as a Bengali name.

Intended meaning of Dasha:

Dasha finds reference in Monier Williams' Sanskrit-English Dictionary where this word refers to Decads. Mention of Dasha (दशा) is found in Katyayana Shrauta Sutra (कात्यायन श्रौत सूत्र), Latyayana, Kaushika Sutra, Shankhayana Grhya Sutra and Manu Smrti where this word refers to The fringe of a garment, loose ends of any piece of cloth, skirt or hem.
Mention of Dasha (दशा) is found in Gobhila Shraddha Kalpa (गोभिल श्राद्ध कल्प), Kumara Sambhava and Bhartrhari where this word refers to a wick. Dasha finds reference in Ramayana (रामायण), Pajcaratra and Meghaduta with meaning state or condition of life, period of life, condition, circumstances.
Mention of Dasha is found in Varaha Brhat Sanhita (बृहत् संहिता), Varaha Bahajjataka and Laghujataka where Dasha refers to the fate of men as depends on the position of the planets, aspect or position of the planets. Mention of Dasha is found in Lexicographers, esp. Such as Amarasimha, Halayudha, Hemacandra in which Dasha means Mind.

Popularity of Dasha

US Popularity Trend for Dasha

As we can see in the graph above Dasha is a somewhat popular name in the USA. Dasha is used by about 3380 people in the USA as the name of their babies. According to Social media Popularity count, Dasha has 11 counts, so you can see that it is not too popular. Another way the name is spelt as Dashaa and this spelling seems to be even less popular with only 1 counts.

Name Dasha is short, sweet and unique. Dasha is a very good name from the Sanskrit origin with ok meaning attached to it. The baby name Dasha is originated from Hindu literature.

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More about Dasha

  • Dasha Charusha, is a Russian singer, songwriter, pianist and an actress based in the United States.
  • Dasha Shishkin is an artist.
  • Dasha Kapustina is a Russian model.
  • Dasha River is a river in southwestern Shenzhen in Guangdong, China.
  • Dasha Kuret Gonzalez is an American fitness model, professional wrestler and ring announcer.

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