Chandra चन्द्रा

  • Suitable for Boy / Girl
  • 2 syllables and 7 letters
  • pronounced as chan-dra
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) चन्द्रा

Chandra name meaning

Literal meaning of Chandra:

Means "moon" in Sanskrit, derived from(chand)"to shine". This is a transcription of the masculine form (a name of the moon in Hindu texts which is often personified as a deity) as well as the feminine form. Chandra, a Hindu lunar deity

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More about Chandra

  • Chandra (lit. "shining) is a lunar deity and a Graha.
  • Chandra is also identified with the Vedic Lunar deity Soma (lit. "juice"). The Soma name refers particularly to the juice of sap in the plants and thus makes the Moon the lord of plants and vegetation.
  • He is described as young, beautiful, fair
  • two-armed and having in his hands a club and a lotus.
  • He rides his chariot (the moon) across the sky every night, pulled by ten white horses or an antelope. Although the antelope is the animal most commonly depicted with Him in iconography, the rabbit is also particularly sacred to him and all rabbits are under his protection.
  • He is connected with dew, and as such, is one of the gods of fertility. He is also called Rajanipati(lord of the night)
  • and Kshuparaka (one who illuminates the night)
  • Indu (lit. The bright drop).
  • He as Soma, presides over Somvar or Monday.
  • Chandra Shekhar, former Prime Minister of India
  • Bhagwat Chandrasekhar, a former Indian cricketer
  • Dr. Chandra Suresh, a character in the American TV drama series Heroes
  • Vikram Chandra: an Indian author
  • King Chandragupta Maurya, sometimes known as Chandra Gupta Maurya He is the father of Budha, (planet Mercury) the mother being Tara (Taraka). He is also married to Rohini, Anuradha and Bharani, who are the 27 Nakshatras (constellations) and daughters of Daksha.

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Nick names

Chandu (चन्दू )

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