Aparajit अपराजित

  • Suitable for Boy
  • Unique name
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 5 syllables and 8 letters
  • pronounced as aparAjita
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) अपराजित

Aparajit meaning: Undefeated

Aparajit name meaning

Literal meaning of Aparajit:

Ancient Sanskrit word Aparajit (Sanskrit अपराजित) which means undefeated or unsurpassed.

Intended meaning of Aparajit:

Aparajit is made up of Sanskrit word a means not and parajita means conquered. Mention of Sanskrit name Aparajit is found in in epics like Riga Veda (ऋग् वेद) with meanings like unconquered or unsurpassed. Aparajit is also mentioned in Sushrut where Aparajit refers to a poisonous insect.
Aparajit is found to be mentioned in Kathasaritsagar (कथासरित्सागर) where Aparajit is name of a mythical sword. This name is also referred in Bhagvat Puran (भागवत पुराण) in which Aparajit is the name of a son of Lord Krishna.
Aparajit is found to be mentioned in the Mahabharata, where Aparajit was a naga son of Kasyapa and Kadru, a son of Dhrtarastra and a Kuru dynasty king. Also another name for Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.
As listed in the Vishnu Sahasranama, Aparajit is the 716th and 862nd names of Lord Vishnu. In his commentary Sri Sankara states, 'The Lord who is not conquered internally by desires and the rest, and by demons and others externally, is called the unconquered'.

one of the 11 rudras (A. Purana); a son of Krsna; a class of Jaina divinities (J. S. Kosa); a mythical sword (Bhagavata);

Popularity of Aparajit

Aparajit is a somewhat popular name in India. It is adopted by nearly 125 people in India as per social media records. Aparajit is not a popular name in the USA. But girl name Aparajita is popular in India as well as in the USA.

Aparajit is a unique name with a nice meaning attached to it. Aparajit is also a stylish name. Aparajit also has some sort of mythological significance attached to it.

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More about Aparajit

  • Aparajit was the last of the Pallava kings of the Kanchi Kingdom in south India.
  • Baba Aparajith is an Indian cricketer.

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Jeet जीत

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