Amrit अमृत

  • Suitable for Boy
  • 3 syllables and 5 letters
  • pronounced as am-rit
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) अमृत

Amrit name meaning

Literal meaning of Amrit:

Amrit or Amrita is a Sanskrit word that literally means "without death", and is often referred to in texts as nectar, means "immortal", "ambrosia", "immortal". In Hinduism it is repeatedly referred to as the drink of the gods, which grants them immortality.

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More about Amrit

  • Amrit features in the Samudra manthan, where the gods, because of a curse from the sage Durvasa, begin to lose their immortality. With the help of the asuras (demons), they churned the sea in order to find the nectar of immortality, amrit. After drinking it, the gods regained their immortality and defeated the demons.
  • In yogic philosophy amrita is a fluid that can flow from the pineal gland down the throat in deep states of meditation.
  • It is considered quite a boon: some yogic texts say that one drop is enough to conquer death and achieve immortality.
  • In Sikhism amrit is the name of the holy water used in the baptism ceremony.
  • In Buddhism Amrita features in Tibetan Buddhist mythology, where it is linked to the killing of the monster Rahu by Vajrapani, whose blood dripped onto the surface of this earth, causing all kinds of medicinal plants to grow.

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