Indian Baby Name - Shriya

Shriya श्रीया shri_y_a

Gender : Girl
Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning of Shriya

Means "Prosperity", "Auspicious" or "Lucky" in Sanskrit.

It is a name of Goddess Lakshmi.

Shriya may also mean 'beautiful' or 'talented'. It is a name that is common in Northern India.

Alternate Spelling
  • Shreeya, Shreya, ,Sriya

More about Shriya

  • Shriya Saran is an Indian film actress.
  • Shriya Reddy is an anchor, VJ turned Indian actress. She was a very popular VJ among young people especially for her voice and style.

Names similar to Shriya

Shri श्री

Gender : Boy / Girl

Origin: Sanskrit.

Popularity of name Shriya

Shriya popularity trend
Modern Indian Names, Goddess Laxmi, Kumbha (Jan/Feb),

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