Indian Girl Name - Meghana meaning, origin & History of Meghana

Meghana मेघना meg-ha/na

Gender : Girl
Origin: Sanskrit

Short Meaning of Meghana


Meaning of Meghana

The meaning in sanskrit is "The clouds" Rain cloud

Nakshatra for Meghana

Meghana is compatible for babies born in .
Alternate Spelling maghana, meghana, meghanaa, meghaana
Nickname Meghu, Megha

More about Meghana

  • Meghna Naidu : Meghna Naidu is an Indian actress.
  • Meghna Reddy : Meghna Reddy is an Indian model and veejay for Channel V.
  • Indrajit : Indrajit: (pronounced indrajīt) or Meghanada is a mythological warrior mentioned in the Indian epic Ramayana.
  • Meghanath Gorhanna : Meghanath Gorhanna is a Village Development Committee in Mahottari District in the Janakpur Zone of south-eastern Nepal.

Meghana meaning is Clouds

  • Suitable for Girls
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Short Name
  • 3 syllables & 7 letters
  • Pronounced as meg-ha/na
  • Hindi (Sanskrit): मेघना

Names similar to Meghana

Megha मेघा

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit

Meghanad मेघनाद

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit

Meghna मेघना

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit

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