Indian Baby Name - Kavya meaning, origin & History of Kavya

Kavya काव्य / काव्या kAvya / kAvyA

Gender : Boy / Girl
Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning of Kavya

Classical name Kavya means a sonnet or poem in Sanskrit. Sanskrit Kavya also means intelligence, wise, happiness and it is a Sanskrit literary composition.
According to Mahabharata Kavya was a son of Kavi Prajapati.
Name Kavya / Kavy (काव्य) is Classical name for baby boy and Name Kavya / Kavyaa (काव्या) is Classical name for girl.

Alternate Spelling
  • kavy
  • Kawya
  • Kaavya
  • kavi ( कवी )

More about Kavya

  • Kavya Madhavan is a Malayalam film actress.
  • Kaavya Viswanathan is an Indian-American woman who came to public attention in 2006 when portions of her debut novel, How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life, were alleged to have been plagiarized from several sources.
  • Kavyanjali (a portmanteau of Kavya and Anjali) is an Indian Television romantic drama series that aired on STAR Plus.
  • Kavya is a 1995 Indian Kannada romantic drama film directed and co-produced by Kodlu Ramakrishna and based on the novel written by Vijaya Thandavamurthy and Ramakrishna himself.

Names similar to Kavya

Navya नव्या / नव्य

Gender : Boy / Girl

Origin: Sanskrit

Kavyaa काव्या

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit

Tavya तव्य

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit

Popularity of name Kavya

Kavya popularity trend

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