Indian Baby Name - Karuna

Karuna करुणा ka/ru/na

Gender : Girl
Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning of Karuna

Means 'compassion, kindness or pity' in Sanskrit.

Karuna is part of the spiritual path of both Buddhism and Jainism.

Alternate Spelling
  • karoona

More about Karuna

  • Karuna is the Jainist concept of love.
  • Karuna Banerjee was a Bengali actress immortalized by her roles in Satyajit Ray's Apu Trilogy as the long suffering mother, Sarbajaya.

Names similar to Karuna

Varun वरुण

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit.

Tarun तरुण

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit.

Karna कर्ण

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit.

Aruna अरुणा,अरुना

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit.

Varuna वरुण

Gender : Boy / Girl

Origin: Sanskrit.

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