Indian Boy Name - Tarun meaning, origin & History of Tarun

Tarun तरुण ta/run

Gender : Boy
Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning of Tarun

Tarun(तरुण) means youthful, young or cartilage.

Nakshatra for Tarun

Tarun is compatible for babies born in , .

Rashi for Tarun

Tarun is compatible for babies born in , .
Alternate Spelling taroon, tarun, tharoon, taarun, thaarun, tharun

More about Tarun

  • Tarun Kumar is an Indian film actor who works in Tollywood Telugu Cinema.
  • Tarun Majumdar is a renowned Bengali Indian film director who makes films in Bengali and is notable for his depiction of Bengali culture and society.
  • Tarun Kumar Gogoi is the Chief Minister of the state of Assam in India.
  • Tarun Tejpal is an Indian journalist, publisher and a novelist.
  • Tarun Mansukhani is a Bollywood director and writer.
  • Tarun Gopi is a Tamil film director and actor, an upcoming film maaker/Producer.
  • Tarun Tahiliani is a noted Indian fashion designer.
  • Tarun Bose was an Indian film actor, active in Bollywood during the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Suitable for Boys
  • 3 syllables & 5 letters
  • Pronounced as ta/run
  • Hindi (Sanskrit): तरुण

Names similar to Tarun

Turni तूर्णि

Gender : Boy / Girl

Origin: Sanskrit

Tarani तरणि

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit

Varun वरुण

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit

Varuna वरुण

Gender : Boy / Girl

Origin: Sanskrit

Varuni वरुनी

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit

Karuna करुणा

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit

Arun अरुण

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit

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