Indian Baby Name - Madhav

Madhav माधव mad-hav

Gender : Boy
Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning of Madhav

According to Adi Shankara's commentary on the Vishnu sahasranama, Madhav means the consort of Ma, or Mahalaksmi, the Mother of the universe. Alternatively, it means one who is fit to be known through Madhu-vidya or can mean One who is the Lord of "Ma" or knowledge.

Additionally, it can also mean 'one who was born in the clan of Madhu'.

Madhava is another name for Vishnu or Krishna and appears as the 72nd, 167th and 735th names in the Vishnu sahasranama.

Alternate Spelling
  • Madhava

More about Madhav

  • Madhavrao Laxmanrao Apte(Maharashtra) is a former Indian cricketer who played in 7 Tests from 1952 to 1953.
  • Madhava Kandali was a 14th century Assamee poet, notable for the earliest rendering of the Valmiki Ramayana into Assamese verse (Kotha Ramayana).
  • Madhav Gadgil (born 1942) studied biology at University of Poona and University of Bombay before doing Ph.D. thesis in the area of mathematical ecology at Harvard University.
  • Madhava Gudi is a Hindustani classical vocalist, specialising in Khayal and light forms.

Names similar to Madhav

Manav मानव

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit.

Radha राधा

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit.

Madhavi माधवी

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit.

Madhu मधु

Gender : Boy / Girl

Origin: Sanskrit.

Madhavan माधवन

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit.

Popularity of name Madhav

Madhav popularity trend
Lord Krishna, Magha - Pada 1 (मा Ma), Lord Vishnu, Simha (July/Aug), God,

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