Indian Boy Name - Hari meaning, origin & History of Hari

Hari हरी ha/ri

Gender : Boy
Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning of Hari

In Sanskrit "Hari" sometimes refers to a colour, yellow, or fawn-coloured/khaki (it is the colour of the Sun and that of Soma).

In Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition Hari is a name of both Krishna or Vishnu meaning 'he who steals, or takes away'

According to Adi Shankara' s commentary on the Vishnu sahasranama, Hari means "One who destroys samsara, which is the entanglement in the cycle of birth and death, along with ignorance, its cause.

Nakshatra for Hari

Hari is compatible for babies born in .

Rashi for Hari

Hari is compatible for babies born in .
Alternate Spelling hari, haari, harii

More about Hari

  • Hari is another name of Visnu and Krishna, and appears as the 650th name in the Vishnu sahasranama of Mahabharata.
  • Within Sikhism it is stated that one of the names of God is Hari.
  • Suitable for Boys
  • Lord Vishnu Name
  • Lord Krishna Name
  • 2 syllables & 4 letters
  • Pronounced as ha/ri
  • Hindi (Sanskrit): हरी

Names similar to Hari

Hasa हास

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit

Mani मणि

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit

Harihar हरिहर

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit

Harish हरीश

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit

Harita हरिता

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit

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