Indian Baby Name - Chaitanya

Chaitanya चैतन्य chai/ta/ny_a

Gender : Boy
Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning of Chaitanya

Chaitanya means "energy, consciousness, vitality, life, knowledge" in Sanskrit.

The name was borne by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, one of the greatest vaishnavite saints. He preached a philosophy of love and devotion to Krishna and Radha.

  • Chaitu(चैतु)

More about Chaitanya

  • Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was a monk and social reformer of the 16thcentury Bengal.
  • K.M. Chaitanya is a documentary film maker and film director. He has made documentaries for several international channels. His first feature film is Aa dinagalu in Kannada.
  • Chaitanya Choudhury is an Indian television actor and model.
  • Nitya Chaitanya Yati (1923-1999) was an Indian philosopher. He published over 120 books in Malayalam and 80 books in English, as well as a number of articles on philosophy, psychology, social ethics and aesthetics. He also worked as the Commissioner for World Education.

Names similar to Chaitanya

Chait चैत

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit.

Chaitaali चैताली

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit.

Chaitya चैत्य

Gender : Boy

Origin: Sanskrit.

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