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10 Sanskrit Name Starting With V

Letter <b>V</b> is willing to Share few things!

Sanskrit Names Starting With V

Hi I am letter (V), I felt I can be useful for your baby name! I am most of the times used for Victory, all generation I have come across, they use first to fingers to show (V) which usually means Victory. Continue Reading ...


Meaning of Daksh - Skilled name for your Artful Baby

Name is like our Life Partner!!! Don’t you think so?

Baby Boy Name Daksh meaning the skillful. Daksha is 2 syllable Sanskrit name.

I was looking for names with nice meaning and I found this lovely name Daksh meaning skillful. Sanskrit name Daksh (दक्ष) is only 2 syllable and 5 letters name with excellent meaning. Continue Reading ...


Funny nicknames from movie Chillar Party.

It’s 14th November. Happy Children’s day!

Children’s day reminds me my childhood fun, so me and my kids have made plans to watch movie Chillar Party today! Continue Reading ...


Kalagya, Kaladnya… Which Spelling Is Best?

Name Kalagnya meaning Artist.

Discovering unique Sanskrit names is our aspiration. We recently stumbled upon a new unique name Kalagya (कलाज्ञ). Kalagya is very very new and we did not find any person with this name. Continue Reading ...


10 Most Popular Sanskrit Baby Names 2014 October

What are the most popular Sanskrit baby names at pitarau right now?

10 most popular sanskrit baby names-2014-november

See the top 10 Sanskrit baby names ranked by popularity along with their meaning, Sanskrit script, Popularity trends. Continue Reading ...


Meaning of Name Preksha

Name Preksha grabbed my attention!

Meaning of Name Preksha

While reviewing for rare names, I found baby girl name Preksha प्रेक्षा and when I tried to explore it, I was amazed with all the wonderful and deep meaning of name Preksha. Continue Reading ...


Names Being Watched

Abhinanda अभिनंद, अभिनन्द

Sanskrit word Abhinanda means pleasure, ..... more »

Abhinanda अभिनंद, अभिनन्द

Sanskrit word Abhinanda means pleasure, ..... more »

Abhinanda अभिनंद, अभिनन्द

Sanskrit word Abhinanda means pleasure, ..... more »

Names Being Watched

Vrinda वृन्दा

Hindi word Vrinda, means Tulasi ( A cluster of holy basil) used in worship services. ..... more »

Yakshi यक्षी

The feminine form of the Yaksha is yaksi (यक्षी). And Yaksha means the mysterious or ..... more »

Amrit अमृत

Amrit or Amrita is a Sanskrit word that literally means "without death", and is often ..... more »

Adhisvara अधीश्वर

Adhisvara ( adhi means 'supreme' + isvar or ishwar means 'lord') means Supreme Lord or ..... more »

Arav आरव

Means "peaceful, calm" in Sanskrit. It is like Ah+rav, rav means sound, noise and Arav ..... more »

Aadya आदया/आद्य

"Adya" means original power from which all five senses, and all five elements originated. Derived ..... more »

Siddh ,सिद्ध

Sanskrit Name Siddh (Sanskrit: सिद्ध) literally means fact or proven... more »

Krisha कृशा

Krisha derived from Sanskrit masculine name Krish literally means thin, lean, weak. Krish also means ..... more »

Simran सिमरन

Simran is a Punjabi word derived from the Sanskrit word smaraṇa ( स्मरण) means "the ..... more »

Sauri सॉरी

Sauri - The Goddess Who is the Power of Sun , wife of the Sun. ..... more »
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