Shravana (श्रवण)

Shravana - Pada 4 (खो Gha/Kho)|Shravana - Pada 3 (खे Jo/Khe)|Shravana - Pada 2 (खू Je/Khu)|Shravana - Pada 1 (खी Ju/Khi)|

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Jeevika जीविका  jIvikA

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit

Sanskrit name Jeevika (जीविका) literally means livelihood, living or source of life. In Sanskrit, Jeevika also means employment or occupation...... more »

Khushali खुशाली  khu/sha/li

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit

Khushali means living happily, delightly...... more »

Khushboo खुशबू  khus-hboo

Gender : Girl

Origin: Other

Khushboo is a Persian word which means Fragrance...... more »

Khushi खुशी  khu/shi

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit

Khushi means filled with happiness, excitement, delight...... more »

Justi जुष्टि 

Gender : Girl

Origin: Sanskrit

Sanskrit word जुष्टि ( juSTi ) means 'love, satisfaction or favour'. So Justi will be unique and sweet girl name...... more »

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Ridhi रिधि

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